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Publications about Group Scribbles by SRI and by our research colleagues around the world.

Key Publications by SRI

Prieto, L., Schank, P., Villagra, S., Penuel, W., & Dimitriadis, Y. (2011). Mind the gaps: Using patterns to change everyday classroom practice towards contingent CSCL teaching Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Conference Proceedings Volume I - Long Papers, pp. 518-524. International Society of the Learning Sciences.

Roschelle, J., Patton, C., Schank, P., Penuel, W., Looi, C-K, Chen, W., Chan, A., Prieto, P, Villagra, S., & Dimitriadis, Y. (2011). CSCL and innovation: In classrooms, with teachers, among school leaders, in schools of education. Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Conference Proceedings Volume III - Community Events, pp. 1073-1080. International Society of the Learning Sciences.

DeBarger, A., Penuel, W. R., Harris, C. J., & Schank, P. (2010). Teaching routines to enhance collaboration using classroom network technology. In F. Pozzi & D. Persico (Eds.), Techniques for fostering collaboration in online learning communities: Theoretical and practical perspectives, pp. 224-244. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.
(Describes GS 2.0 as developed under the ScribbleProv project led by Patricia Schank and the Contingent Pedagogies project led by Bill Penuel and Angela Haydel DeBarger, and illustrates the focus on pedagogical patterns/routines by both projects.)

Roschelle, J., Tatar, D., Chaudhury, S. R., Dimitriadis, Y., Patton, C., & DiGiano, C. (2007). Ink, improvisation, and interactive engagement: Learning with tablets. Computer, 40(9), 38-44.
(Describes GS 1.0 as invented under the Tuple Spaces project led by Jeremy Roschelle.)

Brecht, J., DiGiano, C., Patton, C., Tatar, D., Chaudhury, R., Roschelle, J., & Davis, K. (2006). Coordinating networked learning activities with a general-purpose Interface. Proceedings of MLearn 2006: The 5th World Conference on Mobile Learning. Banff, Canada, October 22-25.
(Describes GS 1.0 and contrasts it with related technology developed under the Tuple Spaces project led by Jeremy Roschelle.)

Other Publications by SRI

Schank, P., & Koch, N. (2009). ScribbleProv: Supporting Disciplined Improvisation During Face-to-Face Discussion, Second Year Project Report (NSF-IIS #0713711), Menlo Park, CA: SRI International.

Patton, C., Tatar, D., & Dimitriadis, Y. (2008). Trace theory, coordination games and GroupScribbles. In J. Voogt & G. Knezek (Eds.), International Handbook of Information Technology in Primary and Secondary Education, chapter on Emerging Technologies, 921-934. New York: Springer.

Schank, P., & Dwyer, N. (2008). ScribbleProv: Supporting Disciplined Improvisation During Face-to-Face Discussion, First Year Project Report (NSF-IIS #0713711), Menlo Park, CA: SRI International.

Dimitriadis, Y., Asensio, J.I., Hernandez, D., Roschelle, J., Brecht, J., Tatar, D., Chaudhury, S., DiGiano, C., & Patton, C. (2007). From socially-mediated to technology-mediated coordination: A study of design tensions using Group Scribbles. Proceedings of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning 2007 Conference, CSCL 2007.

Chaudhury, S. R., Roschelle, J., Patton, C., Brecht, J., DiGiano, C., Schank, P., & Tatar, D. (2006, November). Coordinating student learning in the collaborative classroom with interactive technologies. Poster presented at the 3rd International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (IS-SOTL) Conference, Washington D.C. November 9-12.

DiGiano, C., Tatar, D., & Kireyev, K. (2006). Learning from the Post-It: Building collective intelligence through lightweight, flexible technology. Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work. Banff, Alberta, Canada: ACM Press.

Patton, C., & Schank, P. (2006) Group Scribbles Innovation Flyer. Menlo Park: SRI International.

Roschelle, J. (2006, December). GroupScribbles: A tool for highly interactive Tablet PC classrooms. Presented at the HP Webinar on Teaching, Learning, & Technology in Higher Education.

Publications by Our Colleagues

See also publications by the Group Scribbles Team in Singapore

Lin, C. P., Chen, W., Yang, S. J., Xie, W., & Lin, C. C. (2014). Exploring students' learning effectiveness and attitude in Group Scribbles-supported collaborative reading activities: A study in the primary classroom. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning (2014), 30, 68-81.

Chen, W. & Looi, C. K. (2011). Active classroom participation in a Group Scribbles primary science classroom. British Journal of Educational Technology, 42(4), 676-686.

Lin, C. P., Liu, K. P. And Niramitranon, J. (2008). Tablet PC to Support Collaborative Learning: An Empirical Study of English Vocabulary Learning. Fifth IEEE International Conference on Wireless, Mobile, and Ubiquitous Technology in Education (wmute 2008), 47-51.

Niramitranon, J., Sharples, M., Greenhalgh, C., Lin, C. P. (2007). SceDer and COML: Toolsets for Learning Design and Facilitation in One-to-One Technology Classroom. Frontiers of artificial intelligence and applications, 162, 385-394. Netherlands: IOS Press.

Wilder, D., Austin, T. and Chaudhury, S. R., (2006, November). Computer Supported Collaborative Learning in classrooms Ð Design and Development of the interactive Group Scribbles software. Poster presented at the Tidewater Sigma Xi Research Society Poster Session, Christopher Newport University, Newport News, VA November 17.

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