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Group Scribbles was pilot tested with scores of teachers and hundreds students through our research partners.

  • The Contingent Pedagogies project at SRI International, which is developing technology-enhanced activities for middle school earth science using clicker technology and Group Scribbles.

  • The National Institute of Education who is using Group Scribbles in K-12 schools in Singapore.

  • Yannis Dimitriadis and his research group at the University of Valladolid, which has been conducting research activities with Group Scribbles in various schools in Spain, including the Ana de Austria primary school (K-12) at Cigales.

  • Raj Chaudhury at Auburn Univerisity who provided early input and feedback on the design of Group Scribbles, has used it with some of his students, and has co-organized international workshops on Group Scribbles.

  • Deborah Tatar at Virginia Tech University (and formerly at SRI International) and Judi Fusco at SRI International, who provided helpful input on the design of activities for Group Scribbles and feedback on the software based on use in their classes.

  • Mike Sharples and his students (particularly Jitti Niramitranon) at the University of Nottingham, who have been conducting research studies to evaluate Group Scribbles for K-12 math and science teaching in the UK.

  • Chiu-Pin Lin and his students at the National Hsinchu University of Education, who have been conducting research studies to evaluate Group Scribbles in graduate courses and for English vocabulary learning.

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Group Scribbles is supported by NSF grants 0713711 (ScribbleProv project) and 0427783 (Tuple Spaces project).