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About Group Scribbles

Group Scribbles enables students and a teacher to scribble contributions on sheets similar to post-it notes and to jointly manage the movement of these electronic notes within and between public and private spaces.

Using Group Scribbes, a classroom can enact a surprisingly wide range of cooperative activities with content ranging from simple sketches and annotations to Chinese character, mathematical symbols and more elaborate concept maps.

Because Group Scribbles encourages decentralized control and individual initiative within a collective framework, students are more involved in both contributing and responding to content as well as managing shared visual spaces.

Because Group Scribbles is a flexible medium based on a simple and familiar metaphor, teachers and students feel more comfortable in inventing their own forms of participatory engagement.


Group Scribbles was designed and developed by SRI International's Center for Technology in Learning. CTL focuses on significant issues in learning and teaching and how innovative uses of technology can help address them.

Group Scribbles software is copyright 2006-2009 SRI International. All Rights Reserved. Patent Pending.
Analytical Module copyright 2009 National Institute of Education, Singapore. All Rights Reserved.

Development of GS 2.0 (2007-2010) was supported under NSF grant 0713711 (The ScribbleProv project).
Development of GS 1.0 (2006) was supported under NSF grant 0427783 (The Tuple Spaces project).
Research work based in the National Institute of Education (NIE) in Singapore is supported by a grant from the National Research Foundation, Singapore.

Software Contributors

SRI Contributors to GS 2.0 (2007-2009) include:

SRI Contributors to GS 1.0 (2006) include:

National Institute of Education (NIE) Contributors to GS 2.0 (2009) include:

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Group Scribbles is copyright © 2006-2010 SRI International. All Rights Reserved. Patent Pending.
Group Scribbles is supported by NSF grants 0713711 (ScribbleProv project) and 0427783 (Tuple Spaces project).